Gitanne Cascade Glow Face Mist provides freshness, PH balance and hydration for your after cleansing step

Gitanne Skincare Cascade Glow Face Mist

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Cascade Glow Face Mist Benefits:

  • Plump & hydrated skin
  • Smooth & toned skin
  • Diminished pore size
  • Excess oil control
  • Youthful and glowing complexion

Suggested skin types and conditions:

Formulated for all skin types

Instructions for use:

Gently shake and mist onto a clean face for extra hydration. Can be used throughout the day.

We incorporate the following ingredients:

  • Skin Balancing Rosewater Hydrosol
  • Skin Plumping Hyaluronic Acid
  • Renewing Honeydew Extract
  • Hydrating Aloe Vera Juice