About Whole Beauty Skincare

Whole Beauty Skincare was born from the idea that beautiful skin begins within. By nurturing your mind and your body you will feel as good as you look and look as good as you feel. Natural & organic skincare products support wellbeing. 

Our curated collection offers everything you need to support your vibrant wellbeing from the inside out—from naturally-derived skin and body care products to innovative tools and accessories—hand-selected by a professional esthetician for beauties of all ages and skin types.

Each product we offer to you through the Whole Beauty Skincare shop has been chosen specifically for its benefit to you, and the brands we offer are thoroughly vetted for their quality ingredients and integrity in formulation. We only offer products and tools that have been personally tested by our founder, professional esthetician Erin Van Valkenburg, for her own skincare regimen and those of her clients.

We believe that what makes us each unique and different is what makes us each gorgeous, and in celebrating our own natural beauty we will make our world a kinder, better place for everyone.

Whole Beauty Skincare was developed by California-based licensed esthetician Erin Van Valkenburg. After a decade of helping clients in her Sonoma spa and wellness center to transform themselves from the inside out, she discovered the tools, natural ingredients, and techniques that allowed them to embrace their own natural beauty—and that sometimes simple, easy-to-implement changes in their routine inspired the most dramatic transformation in their skin and overall well being.

By offering a supportive and nurturing environment, she guided her clients through personalized, mindful new approaches to their skincare that improved the overall health of their bodies, minds, and confidence, bringing about life-changing transformation and a restorative mindset shift.

It was this insight and transformation that inspired her to launch Whole Beauty Skincare, bringing her hand-selected skincare favorites, holistic routines and regiments, and extraordinary wellness advice into the homes (and routines!) of natural beauties everywhere.

Whole Beauty Skincare is available to anyone looking to live their most beautiful life from the inside out. All skin types and ages will benefit from our curated collection of organic and natural skincare products, time-tested and laboratory-proven skincare tools and accessories, and expert guidance from our community.

We welcome you to explore our products online, our educational resources, and guides to holistic living.

Say hello to a whole new beautiful you....