Combination Skin

What Is Combination Skin?

Combinations are great when you can’t decide on something, like when it comes to food. But when it comes to skin, combinations can make it hard to decide how to care for it. Combination skin has two or more different kinds of conditions all at once. To make it more challenging, the seasons can play a role in how your skin behaves.

Combination skin usually comes with dry and flaky cheeks while the rest of the face is shiny with oil, usually in the T-zone area. Understanding what causes combination skin will help you get a handle on it for your best complexion.

What Is the Cause of Combination Skin?
Largely, genetics are responsible for your combination skin. If you have combination skin, your T-zone area on your chin, nose, and forehead will be shinier with oil. The glands in these portions of your face tend to be far more active.

The environment also plays a role in your combination skin as well as the products you use. If you’re using harsh and drying ingredients on your skin, it can cause your skin to counterstrike by producing more oil. Instead of solving the problem though, it makes it worse. Fortunately, there are great products to help you keep combination skin happy and healthy.

How to Choose Products for Combination Skin?
When taking care of combination skin, your goal is to achieve balance. This means finding products that provide moisture to your dry areas while not increasing oil in others. A hydrating spray mist is a great one to try to remedy combination skin.

Additionally, you will want to avoid anything with excessive fragrances. This can aggravate the dry spots on your skin. Natural ingredients that are free of chemical additives are the way to go.

Because your skin is a combination of types, it will be best if you avoid comedogenic products that can clog pores. For skincare products and cosmetics, make sure you’re using oil-free, noncomedogenic formulas for a flawless look.

You may also benefit from using two different moisturizers on your face. Heavier, creamier formulations will be best for the dry skin on your cheeks. On those oilier areas, lighter formulations that are water-based will bode well for the skin there.

Exfoliation is also important for combination skin. This helps open up your pores and clear them away. Choose something gentle to prevent irritations and make sure you don’t overdo it – exfoliation is something that only needs to be done once or twice per week.

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