Lactic Acid

What Is Lactic Acid and How Could It Improve Your Skin?

While lactic acid is a buzzworthy ingredient in today’s skincare scene, it has been used since ancient times. It’s a natural byproduct of fermentation from plants and dairy, though most often, it is made in labs today.

This gentle alpha-hydroxy acid can help skin’s own natural exfoliation, helping it shed away dead skin cells for a smooth and improved texture. It also helps skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF), allowing skin to hold onto its natural moisture levels.

What Are the Benefits of Lactic Acid?
The biggest benefits of using lactic acid in your skincare routine is that it removes those old, dulling skin cells from the surface, doing so by dissolving the bonds that bind them. As it does, it also speeds up skin cell turnover and boosts cell renewal, leaving you with a brighter complexion and soft, smooth skin.

If you use lactic acid regularly, you’re going to see great changes in your skin. It’s very gentle, so most people can tolerate it. With regular usage, it can also help you fight the signs of aging by stimulating collagen renewal for firmer skin. Age spots, another annoying sign of aging, can also be faded by lactic acid.

While it does smooth skin and promote a healthier, more youthful look, lactic acid can’t treat deep lines. It will help with fine lines and wrinkles that are not as deep though.

One thing you must keep in mind with using lactic acid is that it can make your skin much more sensitive to sun rays. Since this skin-friendly acid sloughs away skin cells, it makes your newly revealed skin more likely to suffer damages from UV rays.

However, using an SPF of 30 or higher will help keep your skin safe from these damages. Honestly, you should be using sunscreen every day anyway, even if you’re not using lactic acid. And yes, that means on cloudy days too, and on days you’re not actively sitting out in the sun. By taking this extra step, you can ensure lactic acid products bring out the best in your skin.

For products that have lactic acid, you’ll find them through Whole Beauty Skincare. Achieve your most beautiful and healthy skin by working lactic acid into your skincare ritual and see why everyone is using it. And of course, don’t forget to grab a sunscreen product to go with it for the best results!