Oily Skin

What Is Oily Skin?

That shiny complexion is a result of oily skin. When your glands produce too much sebum, you get a greasy appearance. And that’s not all…you’re bound to be left with clogged pores and then acne breakouts.

While it’s normal, there are certain things you must do when caring for oily skin. Using the right products is important, but finding the cause of your oily skin can help you stay ahead to see a clear and luminous complexion.

What Is the Cause of Oily Skin?
Sometimes, oily skin is linked to your genes which is hard to prevent. Still, you can control it to a degree. The same goes for oily skin caused by changes in your hormones. You can try to mitigate disaster by watching what you eat. By staying hydrated with plenty of water and eating wholesome fruits and vegetables, you give your body and your skin what it needs to be healthy.

Avoiding greasy foods and trans fats is also important when nourishing your body. On the exterior, you have to watch out for using products that are oil-based. These can make your symptoms worse or cause your pores to clog.

Additionally, you should watch how often you touch your face. Your hands can spread dirt, oil, and bacteria which will only make oily skin problems worse.

How to Choose Products for Oily Skin?
When choosing products for oily skin, you’ll have to create a skincare regimen that you stick to every morning and evening. Be gentle during the cleansing step, for scrubbing will only cause irritation.

Anyone with oily skin should use products that are labeled as ‘noncomedogenic’ meaning they won’t clog pores. Oil-free formulas are best for cleansers, moisturizers, and makeup. For cleansers specifically, choose a mild, foaming cleanser to help sweep away excess dirt and oil. Stay away from anything with alcohol or oil as it can further agitate your oily skin woes.

Your skin still needs moisturizer even when it’s oily. By day, choose a formula with SPF to protect your skin. Sunscreens that have zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are best for your skin type while anything with oils or fragrances has the potential to cause more problems.

When choosing makeup, go with water-based formulations that are oil-free. Make sure you take the time to cleanse away makeup before going to sleep. Leaving makeup on overnight is bad for all skin types, especially oily skin.

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