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Normal Skin

What Is Normal Skin?

The term ‘normal’ may seem like a subjective one, until it’s applied to skin. If you have what is considered normal skin, then you are lucky! Normal skin types enjoy well-balanced skin. Your T-zone area may be a little oily at times, but overall, your sebum and moisture is balanced.

Mostly, you have a soft and smooth texture that is the hallmark of healthy skin. You’re blemish-free, have a radiant look, and fine pores. However, don’t expect it to last forever. Skin becomes drier as you age, so you will still want to take your best care of normal skin to keep it healthy as the years roll by!

What Is the Cause of Normal Skin?
Normal skin is largely due to genetics, and is caused by having a balance among your hydration and sebum secretion. Normal skin will be neither too oily nor too dry, and will have a smooth texture.

While this may sound like a dream come true, taking care of it now is of utmost importance to keep problems at bay later on.

How to Choose Products for Normal Skin?
When you care for normal skin, you must cleanse it twice per day. Lucky for you, cleansers for normal skin can go based on your preference – gel, cream, or oil – for the texture. You may want to experiment to see which one you prefer.

Additionally, you should use a toner to keep up the hydration and moisture in your skin. A facial mist is a great one for normal skin types.

Exfoliating at regular intervals helps to keep up that radiant appearance by getting rid of dead skin cells. As you age, this is particularly important to keep your skin as normal as possible. Another weekly addition to the regimen for normal skin should be a mask that helps balance your skin.

Serums that infuse skin with antioxidants and fight environmental stressors are best for normal skin types. This will give it an extra measure of protection to keep it from becoming dry, sensitive, or oily. And of course, every skin type needs a good moisturizer. This will keep your skin’s natural barrier strong and healthy.

With normal skin, the consistency of your moisturizer is again up to your preference. It may help to choose based on the seasons for the best comfort. For example, in summer, choose something more lightweight while in winter, go for something thicker.

Do you need products to help you keep your normal skin healthy and beautiful? Whole Beauty Skincare has you covered with everything you need to create the ultimate routine that allows your skin to be the picture of health and youthfulness!