Face Serums

What Is Serum and Which One Is Best for You?

Many people think serum is just another moisturizer. However, that’s not completely true. Using a serum in your skincare routine along with moisturizer can help you greatly improve your skin. If you’re not using a serum, you should be. Find out what this skincare product can do to help you look your most beautiful!

What Is a Serum?
Serums are designed to be applied to skin immediately after cleansing. You should apply them prior to your moisturizer. This is because serums have a more potent concentration of powerful ingredients to improve your skin. With smaller molecules, these things can get more deeply into your skin, making serums ideal for targeting your skin concerns.

While it does moisturize, the idea is to use serum to reach deeper into the layers of your skin. When you follow it with moisturizer, that layer of moisturizer then locks those ingredients in where they are needed most to give you the best results.

What Are the Benefits to Using a Serum?
There are a variety of serums created to address your biggest skin concerns, but in general, they all offer splendid benefits.

If you have dark spots or your skin looks dull, serum is a great way to brighten things up. Serums with brightening ingredients can revitalize your skin for a more radiant look.

With aging skin, wrinkles tend to pop up. You can plump them away by infusing your skin with a hydrating serum. Skin will look replenished and refreshed when you choose a serum that has these kind of anti-aging benefits.

Fight Sagging and Volume Loss
Maturing skin loses moisture and volume over time. Serums can help you tighten things up and fill out those areas of lost volume. This will give you a more youthful appearance.

Improve Your Complexion
And yes, there are serums designed for acne-prone skin. These can help you have a clearer complexion, refine your pores, and give you a smooth look that restores your confidence.

How to Choose the Right Serum?
Finding the right serum is a matter of considering your skin type and your concerns. Think of serum like food for your skin and you can use it to correct, brighten, heal, or prevent.

Remember, serum should be applied to your skin immediately after you pat your skin dry from cleansing. After your serum, you will apply your moisturizer to seal in those potent ingredients, allowing them to work their magic.

For example, ceramides and hyaluronic acid are ideal for hydration while antioxidants and retinol can fight the signs of aging. Look for a serum that targets your skin concerns and you’ll get the best results.

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