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Dry Skin

What Is Dry Skin?

Tight, itchy, and dry skin all boils down to a lack of moisture. This happens when your skin barrier is impaired and lacks the necessary healthy fats to keep it protected. If there’s not enough water in this layer, skin will experience dryness.

Dry skin occurs for a variety of reasons, and if yours is flaky, tight, and itchy, it’s an uncomfortable experience. However, there are ways to improve your skin’s health by giving it what it needs.

You’ll first need to find out what’s causing your skin to experience dryness and address those issues.

What Is the Cause of Dry Skin?
As mentioned, dry skin is caused by the loss of water from that outer layer. There are several different reasons that could impact the water content in your skin.

Often, heat sources that reduce humidity are to blame. If you live in a cold climate, heating sources indoors can sap your skin of essential moisture. Going outdoors in cold and blustery weather will also take its toll.

But even women living in humid environments get dry skin. This may be due to scrubbing or bathing too often. Those long, hot showers may feel good but they’re depleting the moisture from your skin. Scrubbing too hard will remove the natural oils your skin produces to keep itself supple.

And while we’re on the subject, the products you use on your skin may also be working against you. Harsh soaps and detergents are formulated to remove oil, but these go too far by taking away the basic moisture in your skin.

If you have health conditions like eczema or psoriasis, it is a constant battle to keep your skin moisturized. The same goes for those of you taking certain medications or undergoing medical treatments.

In time though, everyone’s skin becomes drying due to aging. Your skin begins to thin out and produces less of those oils your skin needs to keep water where it belongs for plump and youthful skin.

How to Choose Products for Dry Skin?
When it comes to choosing products for dry skin, you want to look at the ingredients. For your cleansing step, don’t choose anything that strips away natural oils in the skin. Avoid foaming cleansers as they can be more drying than other types.

Instead, choose products that contain hydrating ingredients. Lactic acid and shea butter are helpful for hydration and mild exfoliation, a perfect pair for radiance. Hyaluronic acid also locks moisture in thanks to its humectant properties.

If you’re looking for products for dry skin, Whole Beauty Skincare has everything you need to build your best dry skin routine and boost skin moisture!