Lemon Lightening Serum has natural lighteners and skin brighteners that leave you with calm and even skin

Sorella Apothecary Lemon Lightening Serum

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Lemon Lightening Serum Skin Care Benefits:

  • Decreases skin’s tendency for pigmentation by inhibiting melanin
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots or pigmentation
  • Reduces redness/inflammation
  • Helps to diminish acne lesions
  • Leaves complexion appearing more even & bright

Suggested skin types and conditions:

Hyperpigmentation, dark spots or inflamed skin 

Instructions for use:

Apply a pea-sized amount to cleansed and toned face and neck morning and evening to even complexion. When layering serums, begin with the thinnest consistency and finish with the thickest.


Can also be used as a preventative lightening serum for future discoloration. 

We incorporate the following ingredients:

  • Hexylresorcinol

  • Azelaic Acid

  • Lightening Potion

  • Squalane

  • Oligopeptide-51

  • DermbriteTM

  • Phyenylethyl Resorcinol