Skin Script Skincare

Making use of nature is what Skin Script Rx does best with professional formulas designed to correct. Within each formula, fruit enzymes and a bounty of natural ingredients are used to bring out the best in your skin with the kind of results you get from an aesthetician.

Physician and Aesthetician Developed
Designed and developed by a team of respected doctors and aestheticians in the USA, Skin Script Rx is a unique skincare line that targets the top skin concerns. Aging, repairing damage, acne, unclogging pores, smoothing away fine lines, fading age spots, and more are the many reasons why professional care is sought for the skin.

In fact, Skin Script Rx is the choice of professionals in the industry for its revolutionary results, all from nature’s most efficient and safe ingredients. Kojic and arbutin, for example, are natural ways to lighten dark spots on skin for effective harmonization of the complexion. With this skincare line, you can treat all your skin concerns without putting yourself in harm’s way.

And here’s where the science comes into play…these products are what is known as chirally correct, meaning they work without irritation to leave skin looking and feeling utterly refreshed and hydrated, like it should be, naturally.

Come Correct with Nature
Skin Script Rx is all about healthy, revitalized, and youthful skin without using abrasive ingredients. Every formulation is professional grade yet utilizes gentle ingredients harvested from nature to give you the most effective results. Each product in the Skin Script Rx line is fully natural and made to treat all skin types and ethnicities.

This fresh way of thinking takes the clinical approach and unifies it with nature to bring you glycolic acids, lactic acids, salicylic acids, and retinols along with proven brighteners from plants to use in your facial care.

These are the products the aestheticians choose, and for home use, the clinical home products complement the Skin Script Rx regimen you love to keep up your most vivacious skin.

Your Rx for the Best Skin
With Skin Script Rx, you’ll have what you need for healthy skin through great products that focus on nature and scientific research. Every Skin Script Rx product is made with no parabens, and it is never tested on animals. You can feel good about using it on your skin, and breathe a sigh of relief knowing this skincare brand truly cares about the world too.