Skin Script Moderate Acne Kit will heal and improve acne prone skin by reducing inflammation and diminish blemishes.

Skin Script Moderate Acne Kit

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Moderate Acne Skin Care Benefits: 

  • Reduces the frequency of breakouts
  • Balances out oil production
  • Heals and calms active breakouts
  • Improves skin tone by lifting discoloration
  • Improves overall skin and texture for clear, healthy glow

Kit Includes:

  • Raspberry Refining Cleanser - 6.5 oz
  • Glycolic Cleanser with Antioxidant - 2 oz
  • Retinol 2% Exfoliation Scrub
  • Clarifying Toner Pads
  • Cucumber Hydrating Toner - 3.3 oz
  • Blemish Spot Treatment
  • Light Aloe Moisturizer
  • A brochure on each product  and instruction for daily use

Suggested Skin Types and Conditions:

Skin Script Rx Moderate Acne Kit is best for teen and adult acne prone skin with larger blemishes to Moderate acne.

Instructions for use:


  • Cleanse with Raspberry Refining Cleanser
  • Exfoliate with Retinol 2% Exfoliating Scrub
  • Tone with Cucumber Hydrating Toner
  • Spot Treat with Blemish Spot Treatment
  • Hydrate with Light Aloe Moisturizer
  • Protect with Coola Classic SPF (browse our other products for this product)


  • Cleanse with Glycolic Cleanser
  • Tone with Clarifying Toner Pads
  • Spot Treat with Blemish Spot treatment
  • Hydrate with Light Aloe Moisturizer

We incorporate the following ingredients:

  • Glycolic to reduce the amount of oil and refine pores
  • Retinols and jojoba to work on wrinkles and exfoliation for polished skin
  • Salicylic to dry oil from the pores
  • Kojic, a natural lightener, to assist in lightening age spots and blemishes
  • Aloe Vera to lightly hydrate and nourish the most oily skin