Changing your skincare routine from winter to Spring/ Summer

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When the frigid weather starts to fade away, you may pack up your winter clothes and start rolling out your spring and summer wardrobe. While you do that though, don’t forget about swapping your skincare routine to address the changing needs of your skin for the warmer seasons. These tips will help you ensure beautiful and healthy skin for spring and summer!

Choose Lighter Cleansers

For fall and winter, the cold, dry air can zap skin of hydration. That’s why your cleanser should help keep things infused with moisture. As the weather warms up, your skin will need something lighter. Gel or foaming cleansers are an excellent option that will give your skin what it needs.

Don’t Skip Exfoliation

While exfoliation is a key step for every season, you really need it go into spring and summer. Rougher scrubs are better for that cold weather while the warmer months will bode best with acid exfoliators, like glycolic acid. However, don’t overdo it…once a week is plenty.

Use a Water-Based Serum
Thick and heavy serums are wonderful for keeping that hydrated and plumped-up look in the cold. Now that the sun is back, use water-based serums instead. Even an aloe vera-base will be a godsend to skin as things heat up.

Lighten Up Your Moisturizer

In fall and winter, the moisturizer you use needs to be rich and thick. But now that the cheerful days of spring and summer are headed your way, swap out your winter moisturizer with something lighter. A water-based moisturizer or something with hyaluronic acid will keep things moisturized without bogging skin down.

Use a Dedicated Sunscreen

Sun damage can happen even on cloudy days when it’s freezing outside. When the weather warms though, you’ll likely be basking in the glory of that sunshine, even when just walking to pick up your mail or go to your car. Because of this, you shouldn’t just rely on a moisturizer with sunscreen. Go for an additional layer of SPF through a sunscreen and you’ll be fighting those rays that will cause your skin to prematurely age.

Give Your Products a Spring Cleaning

Spring is an excellent time to cut out the clutter and freshen things up. That said, while you clean your home, don’t forget about your skincare products. If you have old makeup or skincare products that are way past the expiration date, toss them out. Bacteria can accumulate in them, changing the texture, consistency, and odor. Compromised products won’t be as effective and may even cause damage.

When you need to replace your winter skincare routine with a warm weather-friendly one, look to Whole Beauty Skincare to find everything you need!

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